June 7, 2011

Yard Sale for a cause

About two weeks ago, over the weekend we held our second annual Relay for Life Yard sale.  My family been participating in Relay for Life since my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer fifteen years ago.  This event is very important to my whole family and friends.  We named our team after my Pop, Happy Chappy.  He was diagnosed with cancer and lost his battle, when I was young.  Since then my family has been touch by cancer in many ways.  My Mother, Grandma, and mother in-law are all cancer survivors.  Our team of family and friends all walk in memory of those we lost and to honor those we are blessed to still have in our lives.

 One of our team's fundraising events is an annual yard sale.  We gather up all the toys, clothes, household items, and anything else that we don't need or use anymore to sell.  All the profits from the yard sale go to our team's total money raised.

This year my sister, husband, a couple of our friends, and I got together to work the yard sale.  My father in-law just moved up here and had many items that won't fit in his new home, so he donated it to our yard sale.  Since we have very little weekend time during the school year, we decided to hold a second yard sale during the summer.

Stop by our Team's site to help us fight cancer.

~Your Earthy Mom

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