January 20, 2011

Have some Chicken with that Salt?

I was recently reading my fiance's cooking magazine to find some new recipes for us.  When I ran across an article about chicken.  Yup the boneless skinless chicken that for the last several years we have been taught to eat because it is healthier. 
"About one-third of the fresh chicken found in super market meat cases has been synthetically saturated with a mix of water, salt, and other additives via needle injections and high-pressure vacum tumbling."
This is done so the chicken we eat is juicier.  Without adding any seasoning of your own at home, when you eat a breast of chicken it could have up to 20% of your daily sodium limit.  Adding the salt water mixture to the chicken also adds weight.  Which means you could be paying an extra 45-90 cents (based on $2.99-4.99 a lb) per pound for the added salt water mixture.

The best way to find out what kind of chicken you are buying is to read the labels.  In very fine print on the front of the package you'll find what's been added.
  • Contains 1 to 5% water - This chicken is not enhanced and better for you.
  • Contains up to 15% chicken broth or sodium water - This chicken has been enhanced and will be more salt for your buck.
After reading about what could be added to my chicken and learning where to look for the labeling I headed out to the store to look at chicken.  I almost did a "happy dance" right there in the store when I read the label and found out the chicken I buy for my family is not the super salty kind!

~Your Earthy Mom Trish

January 17, 2011

One week reflection

I'm trying to figure out what went wrong.  The first day was good, almost easy.  So why on day two did I cave and start smoking again?  I think part of the reason is fear and part of it is because Day 1 was so easy. 

I'm afraid of being a non-smoker.  I've been a smoker for seventeen years and it's become part of who I am, part of my life.  The last several years I've hated it, feeling like my life is dictated by my addiction.  Standing outside in the winter freezing and shivering to get my fix of nicotine.  Stepping out during social engagements and missing opportunities to have fun with my friends.  I hate the smell on my clothes and feeling self conscious when I meet new people, because I stink.  So it's totally insane that I'm afraid, but the truth is I am.  I'm afraid I won't know what to do with myself with out a cigarette.  I realized that first day I had alot of 'extra' time on my hands.  It's sad how much time in the past seventeen years I've wasted on my addiction.

Honestly the first day was great!  I had a couple times when I wanted to smoke, mostly when I had nothing to do.  I tried to keep myself busy all day.  When I did think about smoking, I reminded myself how great it is to be a nonsmoker!  It was so easy that I thought it wouldn't matter if I just had one, I could stop again anytime I wanted.  But that one turned into another one and another one, until I was hooked again.  I felt like a failure and that I would never be rid of this evil addiction.

So now it's just over a week later.  I've looked back to see what went wrong and how I can change it.  I've put my fears and concerns down in writing.  I've re-read my Easyway book.  My father just lent me his quit smoking hypnotism CD, which is what helped him quit.  I also have found a website that offers advice and support for quitting smoking.  You can also read and post in online forums.  With all these resources in place I'm feeling less afraid and more ready to be successful in becoming a nonsmoker with a new quit date.

I'll be using my blog, friends, and family to help keep myself accountable and stay quit.


January 7, 2011

My Secret Demon

For over a year now I have been sharing with other people how to make their homes and lives more toxin free.  Every time I share the dangers of toxic chemicals and the harm the cause, I feel a twinge because of my secret demon.

I am a smoker.

Phew.  Just putting that out there for all the world to see takes a huge weight off my shoulders.  I know of all the reasons I shouldn't smoke, my kids tell me every time I go out to light up.  I know it's hypocritical to talk about keeping toxins out of our homes and be a smoker.  But sadly I'm addicted to nicotine.  Everyday I wish I had never started this horrible chain.  I know so many of you out there wish you hadn't either, so I thought why not share what I'm doing to become a non-smoker.  So I've decided to make a series on my blog just about becoming a non-smoker.

Step 1:  Figure out how to become a non-smoker.  I've been asking around, to family and friends, and I've heard that many of my friends, my sister's coworkers, and even my dad have become non-smokers by reading.  The book is called, The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr.
Step 2:  Read the book.  I bought the book from Amazon and started reading.  At this point I've almost finished it.
Step 3:  Pick a "quit" date.  Well today is going to be my last day as a smoker.  I'm looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning and finally being a non-smoker!

I highly recommend to anyone read Allen Carr's Easy Way it will remove the smoker brainwashing.  As you read, you will begin to feel like you can be a free and happy non-smoker too.  Allen Carr shares testimonies through out the book from people who have used his EasyWay to become non-smokers.  My favorite quote from the book is "Whenever you think about smoking, . . . ,you think: YIPPEE, I'M A NON-SMOKER!!!"

Plans for my Removing the Toxins Within ~ Becoming a non-smoker series:  Post updates and share how it's going every couple days in the beginning.

January 2, 2011

Tis the Season for Yule Decorating

The New Year is here and I've been looking around my house at all the decoration that need to come down and be put away for another year.  My oldest daughter wrote a poem about me, which stated I had OHDD (Obsessive Holiday Decorating Disorder)  It's true I do love to decorate and Yule is one of my favorite holidays to go all out.  I've been collecting winter holiday decorations since I was a child, so you only need to imagine what every available space in my home looks like.  So before everything comes down and I go thought the tedious task of putting it away, I thought I'd share some of my favorites.

Maiden, Mother, Crone and re-born Sun God

Pagan Nativity Scene


   I just made and added this "Nativity" scene this year.  I've been holding on to an incomplete Christian Nativity set my mother gave me when I was a child.  It just rolled around in a box because I only had these four pieces left.  With a little bit of time and some craft paint, I brought new life this special  childhood memento.

    I painted the Maiden, Mother, Crone triple Goddess white, red, and black.  Their faces are silver for the moon.  I still need to pick up some gold paint for our re-born baby Sun God, so for now he is just yellow.  We added the Stag to the group for the Horned God.  I planning to add more animals to the scene next year.

this year we used bright fun colors for light side of sun

Every year since my oldest was 3 years old my children have made sun decorations for us to hang from the ceilings.  We color or paint one side black to represent the days getting shorter and darker.  The other side we use yellows and oranges to represent the re-birth of the Sun God and the coming brightness.  I try and make our craft a little different each year.  We have used glitter, paint, crayons, foam to decorate.  To make the sun we have drawn our own, used a paper plate, or printed out pictures to color in.
   While working on our craft, we talk about Yule and what it means to us.  We'll re-tell the story of the Sun God is getting old and tired.  How during the longest night of the year he sleeps in the arms of Night, to be re-born bright, shiny, young and new!  This time we spend together has become a fun and wonderful family tradition.

My dancing reindeer definitely isn't a Yule specific decoration but he is one of my favorites.  The kids can't stop playing with him through out the entire month of December.  The funniest times are when my little guy and the baby I watch start dancing too!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!