About Me

I'm a Pagan mom of four amazing kids and a wife to an amazing guy.  I started working full time this year.  My schedule allows me to be home in the morning to get everyone off to school.  I'm also home early enough to make dinner and drive kids to activities.  Little by little we have been working to make our home and lifestyle more Earth friendly.

The kids:  They range in age from seventeen to eleven, which has made family time a little bit tougher to manage.  The older ones aren't interested in things the younger one is.  The younger one isn't old enough to do things the older ones like.  But we manage.  Where ever our large family goes it's always an adventure and usually fun.

Paganism:  I'm a third Native American, from my Dad's side.  Growing up I wasn't close to my Dad's family since they lived across the country in Washington.  My Dad didn't share much about our heritage while I was growing up.  As an adult I've been trying to learn more.  I've always felt a closeness with the earth and sometime in my late teen years I stumbled across Wicca.  As I read and learned more and my beliefs changed and grew I started to classify myself as a Pagan.  I do follow alot of the Wiccan beliefs, but there is also some Native American, Celtic,  Shamanism, and even a little Christianity thrown in there too.

Kids and beliefs: I didn't want to raise my children with my beliefs the way my mother raised me.  I wanted them to be able to choose their own beliefs when they were older.  I realized several years ago that by not teaching them anything, I wasn't helping them to make a choice.  I'm now raising them Pagan, but also teaching them about the beliefs other people have and why.

My family:  I have a very blessed and chaotic family life.  My husband and I rent a basement apartment from my parents.  Almost a year ago we moved his mother in with us.  Our girls gave up their room for Mammaw, and moved upstairs into one of my parents empty bedrooms.  My ninety-six year old Grandma also lives upstairs.  Our full house(s) can get pretty crazy at times, but I know we are all blessed to be so close  to our extended family.
Update: We finally bought our own home just over a year ago.  We still live close to both my parents and my mother in-law.

Earthy home:  Being earth friendly takes lots of time.  Time to change the way you do things and time to do things differently.  I know in my heart that if we take care of the Earth and treat her well, then she will be thankful to us.

This blog will always be a work in progress, just like life is.  I hope you enjoy reading what I write.

~Earthy Mom