July 31, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Wow!  What a busy week it's been!  My daughter was in a play last Saturday and had an amazing performance.  I had an appointment set up about an hour before the show, and used my cell for work that day.  One of the things I love about being a WAHM is working my business on the go around my family and where ever we are!  We also spent the beginning of the week out at the grandparents campground.  With this heat it's so much fun to go swimming everyday!  And of course enjoying the great outdoors and sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows.  The kids are enjoying spending time playing with their cousins from North Carolina.  And I even got to fit in some business around all our fun. 
My dad, who's been in the hospital for the past two months, just came home on Tuesday!  We are all so happy to have him home and starting to feel better.  He has spent the past two months lying on his back, because of two hematomins on his brain caused by fractures in his spine.  The fractures cause the spinal and brain fluid to leak out.  After several surgeries, he's finally on his feet again!  My mom is definitely going to have her hands full helping him with walking, physical & speech therapy, and getting him back to normal.  (Not to say he was actually normal to begin with ;D )  With all that we are just thankful to have him home and with family.
It feels like our family is always on the go and super busy with something.  And the next couple weeks are no exception.  Tuesday will be our annual family trip to Lake Compounce!  Wednesday and Thursday will be spent packing for our yearly camping trip!  This year is super exciting because we are camping in Maine for the first time and attending our family's first Letterboxing event ~ Maine's Nautical Past.  I'm going to have to really schedule my time to get everything done. :)

July 22, 2010

Search ANY Product

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