April 27, 2012

Social Sevices?

Disclaimer - This is a very personal post.  I wouldn't normally share this information because my family's financial status (in my opinion) is really not anyone elses business.  The reason I'm choosing to write this on my Blog is simple.  I realized that telling my friends and family wasn't enough.  What is happening to my family is probably happening to other families and if someone doesn't put it out there it will just continue to happen.  I have chosen to put it out there, everywhere and everyway I can.

Faith ~ Pagan and Scouting

Three of my children are in Scouts; Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Cub Scouts.  Scouting can be very religious focused.  And I've heard that it can be difficult for non Judeo-Christian families.  I have been very fortunate to be with Scouting groups that are open and not overly religious focused.  With the Boy Scouts I assume it is because our Chartered organization isn't a Church, but an amazing group of people who love scouting and started the Thirty Six club.  However being a Pagan Scout does come with it's challenges.