October 17, 2011

DIY Napkin rings

I made the decision to go with cloth napkins!  Of course I did have the problem that my kids would argue about which napkin belonged to which person.  So we decided to make some napkin rings. 

October 14, 2011

Paper -vs- Cloth

I've been playing with the idea of switching to cloth napkins.  My mother just recently made the switch and I thought "good for her!"  And of course I was slightly jealous that my mother was being more "green" than me (for a change). 
Then I started thinking, could I make cloth work? 

October 8, 2011


You're probably asking yourselves, "Where has Earthy Mom been?  Did she fall off the earth?"

I've been busy working.  That's right folks, I now have two part-time jobs.  No more staying home, blogging, facebooking, and/or gaming all day around house work.  I have to go to work now, everyday.  I love my new job.  The hours are almost perfect, because I work in a school.  I'm home shortly after the kids get home.  I have the same days off as the kids and summer too.  Of course this leaves me with significantly less time on my hands to do all the fun stuff from my stay at home days. 

I'm trying to re-evaluate life.

Before I had all the time in the world to take care of the home, the kids, and fun for me.  Now I'm prioritizing kids and home and then time with my hubby.  After school it's homework, dinner, and running kids to activities.  Both boys play soccer.  All three of them are in scouts.  So we run almost every night of the week.  My hubby and I like to relax on the couch together, after all the kids are in bed, watching some tv before bed.  I'm still trying to figure out when I can get my blogging and facebook time in.  (Lets not even mention, that since Irene our internet signal has been seriously lacking.)  I'm planning to blog some on the weekends (like now) and maybe even at my other job, when things are slow.  So we'll see how it all works out and fits into my new life.

I'm not gone, just busy.  I'm certainly not going to stop blogging, because I love it.  I love writing and sharing.  It helps me relax.  It makes me happy.  And as we all know a happy, relaxed mom is a better mom.

~Earthy Mom