December 4, 2012

Letter to Santa

Santa does not come to our house.  I decided when I had my first child I didn't want to do Santa, because as a single mom not knowing how much money I would have for gifts.  I didn't want the stress.  My mother was horrified by my decision and decided to do Santa for my daughter and then the rest of my kids after they were born.  Our family does gifts on Yule and the kids get gifts from Santa and Grandma on Christmas.  This has actually worked out really well.  The kids get to have the magic of Santa and I get to be more relaxed.

Several years ago, when I was working at the Post Office, I found out that at most Post Offices the letter carries write a letter back from Santa.  I thought that was so great!  And I started having my children write a letter to Santa every year since.  They loved getting mail and they love getting a letter back from Santa.

This year my daughter, who is fourteen, wrote the most heartfelt letter to Santa.  She left it on the table in an envelope all sealed up and ready to go.  I opened it up just to take a peak (I know invasion of privacy, but she is my kid so I think it's only fair) and see if there was something in the letter I didn't know about.  What I read surprised me and made me cry.  I cried because she didn't ask for anything material.  I cried because I know her heart is broken.  I cried because the one thing in the world she wants I can't give her and she is hoping a little Holiday magic will heal her broken heart.

I had planned on sharing a picture of the envelopes of their letters for my Twenty-one days of Yule.  But after reading her letter, I had to share it instead.

Letter to Santa
I think she will bring many people to tears with her heartfelt words, to Santa.
~Earthy Mom


  1. That totally brought tears to my eyes. And unfortunately there is no way for you to give her this. Just keep on being a good parent and she will learn forgiveness from your goodness and kindness. Happy holidays

  2. there is a book that has helped me very much with forgiveness for others, and especially with forgiving myself, called Radical Acceptance - it might help her.