July 3, 2012

Crafting with the kids ~ Seashell critters

Ladybug's seashell people and cat
With summer already going I've been planning many craft activities to do with the kids. 
We have started a non-electronic time period during the middle of the day.  This helps me make sure the kids are spending time unplugged and are playing.  But to help with the "I'm bored", I have a craft or outing planned for almost every day of the week.
We just started yesterday, and I'll be sharing all the fun stuff we're doing.

We had so much fun painting shells and making them into seashell critters.  In fact two hours went by and we barely even noticed.  We did put on the radio, because almost the entire family needs some kind of background sound while they're doing stuff.  But we also talked and laughed with each other.  Two full hours of bliss, everyone was having a good time with each other.

To make our seashell critters I picked up two baskets of "craft" shells at the dollar store.  I already had the googly eyes, yarn, paint brushes, and paint.  (We used Crayola washable kids paint.  A blessing since the kids do get paint all over the table and themselves.)  The paint probably cost about $10 when I bought it months ago and we can use it on lots of crafts.  The googly eyes were probably $2-$3 and those will almost last forever, since you get so many in a package.
Total cost of craft:  $2 - for us
Total cost of craft: $15 - to buy all supplies

Pictures of all our seashell critters below

Happy Crafting
~Earthy Mom
My critters

Ladybug's shells

Left: Monkey's shell   Right: Duckling's shell

More Duckling shells (the girls are really into gay pride right now)

Monkey's purple shell.  He was so patient painting each line

Potato's shells.  He even made a cyclops

Potato likes to mix the colors when he paints

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