June 16, 2012

Penguins on Parade

This year's cake bake was alot of fun and also a little bit stressful.  My son LOVES penguins.  I think if he could he would marry a penguin.  One of his favorite sites on line is the live Penguin Cam.  He'll sit for an hour and just watch the penguins doing their thing.
So naturally for the cake bake we made a penguin cake.
Top view of our penguin cake

Side view of the penguin cake
My son loved his penguin cake so much that we bought it at the cake bake auction!  (I'm just happy the money goes to the Red Cross)

How to make your own penguin cake:

  • 2-3 boxes of white or vanilla cake mix (we only used 2 1/2 cakes)
  • 2-3 cans of white frosting  (we used 2 white and bought a blue colored frosting for the water.  You can also just add blue food coloring to the frosting for the water)
  • gum paste - to make the penguins and snow balls.
  • black and orange icing color (for the gum paste)
  • Edible Adhesive - to stick penguin parts together
  • White and blue decorating sprinkles for the snow and water.
  • goldfish crackers
  • long sheet of cardboard, covered with tin foil.
Mix and Bake cakes per directions on box.
Start making penguins while the cakes are baking.  Great video to teach you how to make a penguin.  Because honestly my husband and my son made the penguins, which he learned how to do from this video.  Once the cakes are cool, cut one side with a crooked edge.  Use the cut off part from the first cake as a guide to cut the second cake.  Add a little icing on the cut ends and stick the two cakes together.  Cut up and use the rest of the cake pieces to make an ice mountain.  Make a few triangular shaped pieces of cake to make the iceberg in the water.
I would recommend that you heat up the white frosting to soften it.  Then you can mostly pour it over the ice mountain and iceberg.  This makes frosting the funny shapes much easier.
Now position your penguins on the ice and in the water.  Make sure to add some goldfish around the edge of the water.

My son's first penguin

This cake is sure to please any penguin lover.

~Earthy Mom

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