July 5, 2012

Crafting with the kids ~ napkin rings & cloud dough

Duckling's napkin ring
We decided we needed to make some new napkin rings for our cloth napkins.  Several of napkin rings we made almost nine months ago have seen better days.  Which makes sense since we used paper towel rolls and yarn.  Because the kids have really been enjoying painting, I decided to go with painting wooden napkin rings. 
I picked up pre-made wooden napkin rings at the craft store.  (They were about $1.50 each)  I painted them white the day before hoping that would help the paint take better.  We used crayola washable kids paint.  I think that acrylic craft paint would have worked better, but it would also have made clean up harder.
This was a very simple and fun craft to do with the kids.  The youngest finished his in about 20 minutes and the three older kids were painting their master pieces for almost an hour.

Potato making a "Huge wall"
in the cloud dough
 My youngest and I also made cloud dough.  Cloud dough is just 8 cups flour and 1 cup baby oil mixed together.  It makes a soft, sensory, moldable "dough" that my youngest just loved playing with.  Even one of my teenagers was totally into playing with it.  I made it in a plastic tub with a lid, so we can just pull it out and play with it whenever they want.

So far only a couple crafts in and the kids are asking for more.  And we're enjoying some great family time together.

~Earthy Mom

plain white napkin ring

Ladybug added googly eyes
and gems to hers

This is mine, I wish I was a
little bit neater with my lines

Monkey's two toned blue.

Potato's napkin ring

My mother in-law made one too

Cloud dough fun with playdough

working on his wall

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