July 30, 2012

Ahh Summer camps

I managed to have three of my four kids at summer camps for the exact same two weeks.  It was a really nice break for me and I was able to get alot done around the house. 

Cookie as a Bunny
 The first week Ladybug and Cookie did a week long theater summer camp at a local theater.  The camp is call Summer on Stage and is run by Missoula Children's Theatre.  Ladybug has been doing this camp since she was seven years old and it was Cookie's first time. 
On Monday all the kids do an audition to see what part they would be best at for the show on Saturday.  Cookie was in the younger children and least experienced group, and his part was the bunny fan club.  Ladybug was a news anchor named Cupcake O'Rourke.  The play they performed was the Tortoise versus the Hare.   Through out the week the kids rehearse, learn about acting and how to put on a play.  I'm always amazed when I watch the performance on Saturday.  Both kids had a great time, and Cookie wants to go back again next year.

Top right is Ladybug

Monkey wearing his Polar Bear swim

Monkey headed off to Boy Scout resident camp for the week. He worked on his Archery, Chess, Fingerprinting, and First Aid merit badges. His Troop also woke up at 6am every morning to do the Polar Bear swim.  They all received their Polar Bear swim neckerchief.  He had an amazing time being outdoors all week long.

Monkey with his medal and
The second week of camps everyone headed in a different direction.  Ladybug went back to Summer on Stage.  Instead of acting she volunteered her time assisting the directors of the program.  She decided to volunteer for part her Learning Through Service hours needed to graduate high school.
Monkey headed to a soccer day camp.  He learned and practiced skills for the upcoming soccer season.  He also won a medal for "Best ball juggler".
Cookie left for a week at Cub Scout resident camp.  I was very nervous since it was his first time going away over night with out me.  But he made it and had a great time!  (even with all the rain they had)

I spent the two weeks cleaning out the boys room and the play room.  I did give a away a few toys that they were too old for.  But mostly I put things away and got rid of a ton of garbage.  I really can't seem to grasp how much garbage can end up in the bedrooms just scattered around.  Our goal now is to have them clean up all the toys once a week.  I know it will be hard because they want to leave stuff out that they are playing with.  The down side being is that after a weekish they have moved on to play with something else and then the toys left out on the floor get out of control. 
I also started working on cleaning out my and my husband's room.  I'm a pack rat (so my kids come by it naturally).  I have things stored in our room from years ago.  Slowly but surely this summer I plan to go through it and get rid of alot of stuff.

Note on cost of camps:  With selling popcorn for Scouts and camperships I only paid $50 for both boys to go to Scout camp.  Theatre camp I received a partial scholarship so for two kids it was $200.  My parents were kind enough to pay for my son to go to soccer camp.

~Earthy Mom

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