October 17, 2011

DIY Napkin rings

I made the decision to go with cloth napkins!  Of course I did have the problem that my kids would argue about which napkin belonged to which person.  So we decided to make some napkin rings. 
It was lots of fun and each of the kids made their own.  I also made a box to keep the napkins in, since our kitchen table is a busy place. 

Beginning with the yarn ball

Beginning a napkin ring

Since my family goes through tp like it's water, I grabbed a bunch of tp rolls.  I cut each one in half and had the kids pick out a color/colors of yarn that they like.  I glued the beginning piece of yarn inside of the tube.  Then we just wrapped the yarn around the tube.  We found it easier to wrap the yarn in a little ball, so it would go through the tube faster. 

Finished around a napkin

Finished napkin ring

I made the box out of an old shoe box and some left over wrapping paper from our wedding.

box for our napkins

Now everyone can grab their own napkin from the box when they eat.

~Earthy Mom