September 1, 2011

Thank you Irene

It's been a long five days.  We've had no power and no hot water.  What we do have though is wonderful family and friends.  My family has a well, so our amazing neighbors hooked us up to their city water.  In turn we hooked their fridge up to our generator.  I have had so many offers from friends who have power, to come over.  It's times like these that make you really cherish the people in your life.

My children have spent more time outside the last five days than most of the summer.  They're bike riding, taking walks, playing in the woods around our house.  They have even started up old friendships with other children in the neighborhood.  We have been playing family games almost every night.
I couldn't be more thankful to Irene for this. 

I will admit, it has been hard too.  The children are going through some electronics withdrawals.  I'm starting to get burnt-out coming up with things for us to do, and make for dinner.  So that's why today, day five, we headed over the town's Community Center for some hot showers and computer time.  Then out to eat for a special treat.

So thank you Irene.  You have brought my family closer together.  You have helped me truly cherish my friendships.  You have helped this very plugged in family to un-plug.  You helped us realize how lucky and blessed we are to have only lost power, when so many others are truly suffering.

~Earthy Mom

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