September 14, 2011


I suffer from frequent migraines.  Over the past six months though, it's become worse.  One to two a week and nothing was helping with the pain.  I did just recently get a prescription from my doctor that thank the Gods helps.

Lights, sounds, intensify the pain.  I feel like my head is going to literally explode. 
The migraines are so debilitating.  They don't just affect me, but my family too.  It's like a dark migraine cloud sweeps over our house.  The kids and my husband tiptoe around.  Their voices get really quiet.  Activity stops or slows down.  And everyone has this very worried look.  The worst is just laying in my bed, in excruciating pain with only the cats for comfort.

I hate feeling this way and I hate what it does to my family.   I wish I didn't have to miss out on fun activities with the family or even just day to day life.  We're all scared.  Several weeks ago, I did get into the doctor.  She gave me prescription medication for the pain.  Hopefully the neurologist will be calling soon with an appointment.  I need to find out why and how I can fix this.  Life is too short to be wasted on migraines.

~Earthy Mom


  1. I hope you'll find out what is causing them soon! I never suffered from migraines until I was in my twenties, and then the frequency increased until I was having at least two every month - and for some time now it has stopped, and I blame better eating and more exercise/fresh air for it. But I know that the solution may be different for different people, and I am still scared of them coming back...

  2. Thank you Diandra. I have noticed that they happen more fequently if I haven't been eating properly. Some days I just can't figure out what caused them, so that's were I'm hoping a doctor can help me out.