March 20, 2014

Happy Eostre

Our family had a great time together on Eostre.  (Minus my husband who was at work and Duckling who is with her mom)
It started off as any other school day.  The kids got up and left for school.  I then proceeded to fill their baskets with goodies and hide about 42 eggs through out the house.  I also left a note saying to leave all eggs where they are until I got home.  Then it was time for me to head off to work.

When I got home all was normal, Boys watching tv and Ladybug playing on her Ipad.
Since I missed my couch to 5k walk/jog this morning I asked Monkey if he wanted to go with me this afternoon.  It was great to spend some time just the two of us.  When we got back, I worked a little in the flower bed.  It was such a beautiful day out and I tried really hard to get the kids to come out and enjoy the nice weather.

As soon as I got inside, the egg hunt started. Monkey was first to find all of his allotted eggs.  I think that he had been scouting the house since he got home from school.  Potato was second to finish.  Ladybug was just having some rotten luck and couldn't seem to find a thing.  We of course helped her out.  Because of their sensory issues, Ladybug and Potato often have a difficult time finding hidden items.  There is just too much visual stimulation going on.  But everyone had fun and they did get lots more candy.

Egg hunt complete and a success!

Let the egg dying commence.  I was a little concerned about doing eggs with the kids alone.  It can go two ways.  Everyone has fun and we laugh and talk.  Or someone gets grumpy over something someone else said or did and it just goes down hill fast from there.  We did start to go a little down hill, but had a great recovery and lots of laughter and talking.
Ladybug putting on the finishing touches
Ladybug decorating an egg
This year I shared with the kids what different colors represent.  They are older and I thought it was past time to start teaching them.  I pulled out a book with color correspondence, so they could easily look up what color they wanted to do.  As expected Ladybug and Potato took right to it.  Potato made a blue egg and wrote "world peace" on it.  And Ladybug (being a teen) made a red egg to attract love.  Monkey said he wasn't very concerned about what his colors meant, but he'd listen to me tell him.  He's not much for participating, but I can tell he's more than just humoring me.  He listens and thinks about it.
Potato putting an egg in the dye
I made a red love egg for my husband.  Which of course the kids told me was gross.  :)

Monkey look just a little bit evil, dying his egg
For dinner, surprise, surprise, we had eggs and toast.  We talked about why eggs are so important at Eostre.  That they symbolize life and rebirth, an important part of spring beginning.  I told them to look around when they are out to see and hear more signs of spring.

We ended the night watching Survivor together.  I know not very Pagan, but it's what we do on Thursdays.

Some of the finished eggs
~Earthy Mom

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