February 23, 2014

New House, New Home

We just bought our first house a few weeks ago!  It's so exciting to be home owners!  We had been in the process of buying this house since August.  Our closing date kept getting changed because of lots of little things, but we are finally in our new home.

The past few weeks have been incredibly busy, and the time just seems to fly by.  My husband spent several days packing everything up from our apartment.  I can't believe how much stuff we have.  We did donate quite a bit of stuff.  I have spent the last several weeks unpacking everything at the new house.
Ladybug's room was the first room completely unpacked.  She spent a day and a half just working in her room.  That's her personality.
I finished the kitchen first.  It was the most logical place to start, since I need to be able to feed my family.  We have the dining room and living room mostly done.  Just some decorative stuff left.  Today the boys and I finished their room.  That took a long time because the boys don't like to work, and they had to wait for shelves to be put up.
We have a lot still left to do.  My husband and I have barely touched the boxes in our room.  We also still have lots of boxes, all my craft stuff, down in the basement that need unpacking.  Stuff was just kind of "tossed" in the garage, so that's going to need some work.  And we still have all of our camping gear at the apartment.  In time we will be completely moved in.

Ladybug seems to be doing much better.  When we first moved she wasn't happy.  She doesn't like change, at all.  She has a few friends on her bus, and she is still going to the same school.
Monkey has been hard to read.  He says he is happy about the move.  And he was very excited to walk to school.  But he has seemed a little out of sorts.  Since he's not much of a talker, we're just trying to be there for him.
Potato also seems to be doing better.  He too doesn't like change.  Good news is, he is still at the same school and one of his good friends rides his new bus.

It doesn't seem real to me yet.  I look around and can't believe that I own a house and a yard.  Everything I see will be mine for the rest of my life.  It's not just a house, this is our home.

~Earthy Mom

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