December 16, 2011

He finally gets it

My seven year-old is finally gets that we celebrate Yule and the rest of our family celebrates Christmas.  I know it's not that big of a deal that they confuse and merge the two together.  Because reallyboth holidays are about spending time with family and friends.  My parents even
come over on Yule for dinner and to be with us.  And I know it's hard to "get" when most of their friends do Christmas.  But I'm still excited because he gets it.

This year because of work schedules and the Duckling coming in from Wisconsin we have decided to celebrate Yule on Saturday (aka Christmas Eve).  I've always been flexible in this way.  It's not about a date on the calender so much as celebrating your beliefs.  Little Potato was so heart broken when he found out.  (He's never cared before.)  I of course reassured him that it was ok for the above reasons. 

I started to realize that he was understanding when at the beginning of December he came home and said, "Guess what Mommy?  My friend in school also celebrates Yule!"  How cool is that, to find out you're not the only one.  He even asked the school librarian if the library had books about Yule that he could borrow.  Sadly they don't have any.

It makes me feel great to know I've been able to share my beliefs with my children.  To be patient and wait till they were ready.  And accepting that they have many beliefs to choose from.  My heart is happy in the knowledge that "he finally gets it."

~Earthy Mom

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