August 13, 2010

Vacation Blues

We are home from vacation.  It's nice to be home, but I wish we had a couple more days just to sit back relax and enjoy being together.  The children of course loves swimming in the pool.  And surprisingly they all had a great time at our Letterboxing event!  Some of them even asked when we are going to go another Letterboxing event.  Luckily there is an event in September, A Mystical Event, in Mystic, CT which will be going to.  My son is very excited because he met a boxer that is also going to be at this up coming event!  Perhaps we will even get the kids out on the trails a couple times before the school year starts.

We enjoyed our short time, over the weekend, at Thomas Point Beach in Brunswick, ME.  Then we moved to Meadowbrook campground in Phippsburg, ME.  The pool was heated to a nice 75-85 degrees, so we swam during the day and evening.  The sites are nice, with lots of trees around.  We were very lucky and only had rain (with thunderstorms) one night.  And of course what camping trip isn't complete without having S'mores every night!

The unpacking has been done and everything put away!  And we've moved on to getting the house back in order.  I will start working again tomorrow.  I am hoping to have my self booked up through the beginning of next week.  Not to mention the tons of email we have to make our way through from this past week.  We have a big promotion going on this month and next, so I need to get rolling.  I can feel that these next several months are going to be big ones for our business!

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