August 24, 2010

Save More and Waste Less

Here's some tips to stretch your money, save time, and help the environment.

  1. Power Down - Plug electronics into a power strip, and turn off everything before bed with a single switch.  Saves money,  time, and the environment.
  2. Recycle Greeting Cards - Remove the message portion and use the front panel as a postcard or for a child to make in to a collage.  Saves money and the environment.
  3. Home Grown - Make your own garden.  Garden fresh veggies taste better and cost less than store-bought.  You can freeze extras to enjoy in the winter.  Saves money and the environment.
  4. Save Your Scraps - Toss fruit and veggie remnants into a compost pail.  Bonus use to fertilize your garden.  Saves time, money, and the environment.
  5. Before Grocery Shopping - Search online for printable coupons.  Check out the store's website or circular, and plan meals around sale items.  Saves money.
  6. Reusable Shopping Bags - You can gets these at almost any store for just a few dollars.  Plus some stores offer money off your total for using these when you shop.  Saves money and the environment.
  7. Tired of Waiting for the Handyman? - Invest in a home repair book and learn to fix simple things yourself.  Find a neighbor or friend who has handyman skills and trade their time for something you can do for them. (ex: childcare, dinner, job or personal skill)
  8. Cyber-Swapping - Trade for school supplies, car repairs, clothes, and other gently used items with other families.  Saves money and time.
  9. Use Smart Products -  Shop for safer household, bath & body, and personal products that don't contain the toxic chemicals found in name-brand products.  There are many online stores that sell safer for your home products.  Save the environment, money, and time.
  10. Washer-dryer - Set your washing machine's water temperature to cold.  When weather permits line dry your clothes.  Saves money and the environment.
  11. Weekly Veggie Meal -  Once a week serve a meat free meal with lentils or tofu for protein.  Saves money.

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