February 9, 2010

Toothe ache, Pitbull, and non-work

What a day! Staying up too late last night, kept me from getting up on time today. Thankfully my oldest got herself up and ready for school. She even made the bus! The boys did get ready for school, but needed a ride. Today turned into a no work day. I had a dental appointment for an extraction. How fun. Glen brought me home and I headed to bed. Next thing you know I was being woken up by my pit bull niece. Forgot I told my sister I would "babysit" today. Val is the best dog out there. She cuddled up with me and we slept the afternoon and part of the evening away. When I finally emerged, Glen had taken care of the kids and made dinner. Yeah I'm really lucky!
Thankfully my appointment tonight cancelled (and rescheduled for tomorrow). That's about the most work I did today. Tomorrow is going to be busy, with catch up.
My recommendation for pain from having a tooth pulled, lots of sleep. When you do get up, ice and some Pain-A-Trate, this stuff works wonders. The pain inside my mouth is still there, but my face, jaw, cheeks are feeling much better.
Now I'm off to veg on the couch some more with the dog, watch some TV, and wait for her mommy to come pick her up.

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