February 8, 2010


I was working kinda late tonight, getting my sister set up as a customer. We're sitting in the living room listening to my 9 year old son coughing. It was one of those dry, keeps waking you up, kind of coughs. Poor kid. So I go grab my T36-C5 Melaleuca oil and sneak into his room. Here's the fun part: I weave my way through the toys and climb the ladder (oh yes, he's on the top bunk) into his bed. Then I wormed his feet out of the blankets and rubbed a little bit of the Melaleuca oil onto his feet (Yes, his feet, crazy I know) and the best part of this whole adventure is I didn't even wake him up. No more coughing, he's been silent for the last two hours! One well rested boy for school tomorrow, check. One relieved mommy, check.

Tomorrow- rub some on his chest when we lotion up in the morning. Should make for a mostly cough free day at school!

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