March 8, 2015

Scout leadership

Potato, Monkey, and some of the boys from Potato's Den
at the Camp chapel
Monkey is a Boy Scout and our Webelos den's Den Chief.  In the past year he has really stepped up into a leadership position.  He is taking his role very seriously

When we took Potato's Webelos Cub Scout den on a camping trip.  We went to our local Scout camp and the boys had lots of fun.  All of the boys had such a great time.

For this trip we took the boys camping at our local Scout camp.  The goal was to work on achievements for Webelos and Arrow of Light.

 Monkey taught the boys how to tie a square knot and several other knots.  He also rounded them all up to learn about KP duty, cleaning up after a meal.  Another requirement was to learn about fire building and fire safety.  Since Monkey loves to make fire this was an easy thing for him to help teach.  He also lead the boys, and us adult leaders on a hike and taught us some fun hiking games.

Monkey teaching the boys knot tying

This past summer Monkey joined the Cub Scouts at Summer Camp.  It's the first time our Pack has had a Den Chief come to camp.  His "job" at camp was to take the boys to the dining hall everyday before breakfast, lunch, and dinner to set up our tables.  He would help the boys and supervise them.  Monkey also helped make sure all the boys stayed together at the different areas of the camp we went to.  He help teach them knife safety and did a little whittling with them. 
The first night we had two boys who were very homesick.  Monkey sat and talked with one of the boys and helped him to feel better.  The boy spent the rest of the week seeking out Monkey to do things with him and talk.  It was really amazing to watch Monkey step right in and help out another boy in need.  The parents who came with us were very impressed with how mature Monkey was and how kind he was with the boys.

A Cub Scout showing Monkey his knot tying

Monkey in the back with all of the Cub Scouts
For the past month several months Monkey has taken on more of the responsibility of running our Den meetings.  In fact he completely ran the last two Den meetings.  He did everything from the opening Pledge to the closing, while the other adult leader and I just watched.

Having a Den Chief for Cub Scouts helps both the Cubs and the Boy Scout.  The Cubs have learned about listening, respecting, and taking direction from an older boy.  This is a skill they need when they move into a Boy Scout troop.  Particularly one that is boy led, like our Troop is.  Monkey has learned how to lead and teach other boys.  This has helped him become a better leader in his Boy Scout troop.  Most of all he has enjoyed the experience so much, that he has chosen to join another Cub Scout den as their Den Chief when our boys moved up to Boy Scouts this past weekend.

~Earthy Mom

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