April 4, 2014

Hello Spring! I've missed you

First flower in my garden
I've been feeling great and really motivated lately.  And I think its is because Spring is in the air!

Winter is really hard.  I don't like the cold and it seems like it is always dark.

I love the spring time.  It feels warmer (even though it is only in the 40-50's).  The sun is out longer!  I can get out into the garden and I love seeing the flowers coming out.

Last night I heard the peepers, a sure sign of Spring.  I had to call my mom and tell her I heard them.  I drive the kids crazy making them come out and listen to the peepers every year.  The other day the boys and I checked out our flower beds and found 3 flowers!  The daffodils have popped up too and we can't wait for them to open up!

It just feels so good to see and hear all the signs of spring and new life beginning.

Welcome back Spring!

~Earthy Mom

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