January 11, 2013

Strike update

So far we're doing amazing.  After my father and I talked with the kids, I've seen alot of improvement.  I am still on "strike".  Which basically means I won't clean up after the kids, and I'll only give them one reminder.  Which really in the grand scheme of things isn't a strike after all.  This is the way our house should and used to run.

The last few days I've had to remind them all to clean up after themselves.  But this morning I was pleasantly surprised with No breakfast dishes on the table or in the sink.  This is amazing progress!  I couldn't be happier.
They are still having some trouble remembering to put away coats and backpacks.  But one reminder of "Where does your coat/backpack belong?"  and it's taken care of.  Chores are also getting done mostly without reminders!  Yeah!
I am happy to report that my little mess makers have realized the error of their ways.  And I have realized the error of constantly doing for them.  I was doing all of them a great disservice.  I also realized that constant nagging/yelling is no fun for anyone and I'm hoping things will continue to run a little bit more smoothly everyday.

Pictures of my shame.

Water bottle and Dunkin Donuts bag on livingroom floor

Sink and counter piled with dishes

Kitchen table.  Not sure what is left on that plate

Dishes left on stove too.  Yup that's french fries on that bowl.

Coats, snow suits, hats, mittens, and boots piled up in the bathroom.

~Earthy Mom

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