August 19, 2011

The Loss of a pet

Death is never easy.  Dillweed lived a long and very loved life.  For the past year he has been fighting mouth cancer.  It's been very difficult to see him continue to get worse.  Rationally we know that this was best for him, but in our hearts we didn't want to let him go.

There were many tears and lots of "I wish Dillweed would just get better".  This is one of those times when I wish my arms were bigger.  Monkey and Ladybug really needed the hugs and words of comfort.  My biggest concern was for my Potato.  He didn't want to talk, listen, or be hugged.  He just curled up in a ball and hid behind his stuffed animal.  I'm so thankful that Ladybug helped him and he opened up to her.  She is a very impressive young lady, and I know helping her brother grieve helped her too.

My eldest daughter came to me with an interesting question.  "What's the point of living if it's just going to end?"  We talked alot about what it is to live and how death is part of the circle that is life.  We are alive to enjoy life, learn, and love.  To help her better understand I asked her another question.  "What's the point of going to theater camp if it's just going to end?"  Her answer was to have fun, learn more about acting and theater, and to see her friends.  Even though it ends, she gets to go back next summer.  That is when she realized that the fun stuff she does eventually ends, like life, but at some point we get to do it again.

We will miss Dillweed.  But he will always be in our hearts.  Everyday that we remember him he lives again.  At Samhain, when we go with Grandfather Deer to the Shining Isle, we can visit Dillweed along with others we have lost and our ancestors.

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