August 10, 2011

Celebrating Lammas

Just like almost everything in our hectic lives, we celebrated Lammas late.  (It's even taken me over a week to finish this post.)  But that is ok.  I've learned to accept that fact and move on.  What's most important is that we celebrated and enjoyed two awesome days together as a family.  (part of our family was gone one day)
The kids and I made spiral cookies.  I really enjoy baking with my kids.  It's one of the few times when I slow down and let go of the control. 
Everybody gets to read the recipe, measure out ingredients, pour ingredients into the bowl, and st
 ir/mix everything together.  And lets not forget about the best part licking the spoons!  We chatted
  about why were making spiral cookies and how everything in life is like a spiral; from the beginning and all the way around to the end, until it begins again.

My oldest daughter and my sister helped me cut up veggies, some from our garden and some from a local farm, for our dinner.  We made shish-kabobs on the grill! Our kabobs were like Lugh's spear.  Everyone got to put whatever they wanted on their kabob.  The kids especially likes that, because they don't usually get to pick what they're eating for dinner.
Food for our kabobs:  Yellow squash, green pepper, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, onion, teriyaki marinated meat and tofu, for the vegetarian.
We had lots of fun sitting around the table putting our kabobs together.  Then my husband and I took them outside to grill, while my sister cooked up the rest of the veggies and meat inside.  I have to admit, this is the first time we've ever made shish-kabobs and it didn't really turn out the way we wanted.  The meat cooked faster than the veggies, so many of our veggies were still a little crisp.  I prefer my veggies that way, but the rest of my family likes soft veggies.  None the less everything was still tasty.

Lugh is skilled at many things.  In ancient Ireland, the people would honor Lugh with sacred games to test their skills.  For us this means family game night.  Since my children range in age from seven to thirteen, we picked a game that everyone could play and test their skill - Uno!  There was much laughter and "apologies" for playing a Draw 2, Skip, etc.  The last game was the longest, we played until everyone went out and we had a first, second, third, fourth, etc place.

Day two was just evening fun.  For dessert we made fruit kabobs, for Lugh's spear.  And then on to some games of Uno Spin.  We had to change things up from standard Uno.
Food for our fruit kabobs:  Strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, banana, and mini-marshmellow.  We also made a fluff/cream cheese fruit dip.  8oz cream cheese, 16oz fluff, blend them together.

~Earthy Mom

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