July 18, 2011

July Garden Update

We replanted at the beginning of June.  Instead of starting again from seeds, we cheated and bought plants.  I felt it would be easier and the children would be see the garden growing right away.  It's been fun going out with the kids to check on the garden's progress.  They loved seeing how big the plants are growing.  And when we saw the first signs that veggies were growing they exploded with excitement!  I'll admit that sometimes I am the one most excited about the garden.  
 I walk out to it Every morning to see how things are going.  I've even come running in the house like an excited child to share gardening news!  My favorite part of having our own garden is seeing how excited the kids get.  Potato has even claimed a couple of the plants as "his".

Growing a garden has been quite the learning experience for us all.  We are not often the best researchers.  Almost everyone in the family are "lets just jump in head first" personalities.  That being said, we know we don't need as many of each kind of vegetable plant.  We certainly won't be lacking in our veggie food group.  We've been very fortunate to have assistance from our neighbor, they've been growing a garden for years now.  My husband and I are already beginning to plan next years garden.  We want to move plants to different locations.  Hopefully that will make our garden look less crowded and chaotic than it does right now.  We will obviously be planting less zucchini, cucumber, and (possibly) tomato plants.  Still waiting to see how much we'll get from the pepper plants.  We also talked growing some other veggies and possibly some fruit.  I'm actually hoping to turn the shower stall my dad left in the yard into a root garden.

A couple weeks ago we ate our first garden fresh vegetable.  A very yummy zucchini!

Our First yummy zucchini!

Ladybug had the honor of picking the first cucumber from the garden, since it is her favorite vegetable.

Our First delicious cucumber
We've definitely had our gardening ups and downs.  Children's interest comes and goes, and so does their help.  Everyone can participate no matter their age, experience (for us that would be none), or ability.  I'd have to say that growing a vegetable garden as a family has been a very fun and positive experience.  

  ~Earthy Mom

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