April 7, 2010

How many "boxes" are you going to open today?

I just had to share this awesome mind-set that one of my partners came up with ! It is a fantastic way of looking at calling leads.

How many ‘boxes’ are you going to open today
I Love Calling Leads

It's Like A Present Each Time You Dial a New #

Sometimes the Box Is Empty
( wrong # & disconnects)

Sometimes someone used way too much tape and you can't even get in!
(the no-answers and the answering machines) :)

Sometimes You Get something you would like to return
( people who are not interested or didn't request info)

Sometimes You get a Gag Gift
(the no shows )

But Sometimes It is Exactly What You've Been Wanting
( the ones that get it and want it )


I Hope that this helps when you are making your daily calls
to think of things this way. It works for me

Enjoy Your Day

“There is a difference between interest and commitment. Interest is doing something when circumstance permits. Commitment means you accept no excuses, only results.”

- Ken Blanchard

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