September 7, 2016

Science fair fun

My son is participating in a home school science fair this Thursday.  Originally he was going to do an experiment about ant pheromones, but the ants didn't want to participate.  There were a lot of tears because right now he Loves ants.   I quickly found a dog experiment to do, since he also Loves dogs.
His experiment was, "what color can dogs see best?"  His hypothesis - "I think dogs will see red best because my dog notices me more when I wear red."

Together we put the materials together and then started experimenting.  Our dog, Isabelle, loved doing the experiment.  My son would put dog treats in the middle of each colored piece of paper.  Then Isabelle would go over and eat the treats.  My son would record which color she went to first.  We did this five times with five different dogs.  Isabelle thought this was the best game ever!

The data says the dogs picked red the most at 36%.  And yellow came in at a close second at 32%.  Although Isabelle never picked red, so that part of the hypothesis was wrong.

Isabelle playing a fun "game."

Dogs in the experiment - Max, Luna, Odin, Valkyrie, & Isabelle

We also needed to make a snack that is related to his experiment.  I happen to have a dog bone shaped cookie cutter, from when I made dog cookies for my doggie niece.  My son does not like sugar cookies, so instead we made chocolate chip cookies.

My son put all his pictures and data on a project board to share at the science fair.  We are both looking forward to sharing his work with others.  I found the hardest part of homeschooling is sharing his work mostly with family.  We did start a facebook page for him to share his work and ideas with others virtually.  And it has been an excellent way to help teach him about safe social media usage.

Project board almost ready to present

I'm not sure who had more fun doing this project, my son or the dogs.

~Earthy Mom

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