May 7, 2014

Fun with my kids

Frozen, it's every where.  Three of my four kids Love it.  If you don't know what Frozen is, then you are probably living under a rock.  Frozen is the newest Disney movie, about two sisters.  One who is trying to hide from the world and keep her secret.  And the other who is overly optimistic and wants to see all the world has to offer.

The songs are very catchy.  I often find myself singing them.  Mostly because the kids keep quoting the movie and it makes me think of one of the songs.  My husband and Monkey are completely done with hearing any songs or quotes from Frozen.

Here is the fun part.  Ladybug, Duckling, Potato, and I were driving home from a friend's party.  Ladybug decided to play the movie on her Ipad.  Of course all three of them started singing along with the movie.  Potato even had his penguin do some dancing, he is such a ham.  Since we had recently watched some parents lip-syncing Frozen songs in their car, I got an Idea!  What if I pulled out my phone and tried to catch some video of the kids singing and having fun.  Check out our video to see and hear the fun we had on our long car ride home.

PS - Hope you all enjoy the view of my ear.

~Earthy Mom

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