October 22, 2012

Thinking about going on Strike

I recently found and read an article about Jessica Stilwell, a mom who went on strike.  While I was reading I began to realize that my own family is suffering from me doing to much for them.
My children have chores that they need to do.  We even rotate the jobs around weekly so they aren't doing the same thing all the time.  They are also supposed to clean up after themselves.  Lately my husband and I have had to nag to get the chores done.  And I'm often cleaning up their messes after them. 
This past week has been incredibly stressful because I've been spending alot of time with my Grandma in the hospital.  I've had very little time to do what I normally do for my family, and NO time to do the extras.  On Friday and Saturday I was sick, so nothing was done.  I spent almost all of Sunday, with my husband, cleaning our house from top to bottom.  This afternoon when I came home from work I could barely see the kitchen table and the dishes were beginning to pile up in the sink.  In fact as I'm sitting here writing this, my oldest is cooking herself something to eat before her field hockey game.  I can almost assure you that when I head out into the kitchen there will be more dishes left about.
I'm beginning to think that a strike might be in order.

~Earthy Mom

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  1. I read that artcle as well. Thought is was a good idea. Not sure how well it would work it my house.. as we only have a limited amount of dishes. But, one never knows.. strikes can happen at anytime.