May 7, 2011

Earthy Mom vacations With Out the kids

Us on a boat in Jamestown 
The tree line is the original Jamestown Settlement
 As some of you may know, we became Mr and Mrs on Saturday April 30.  My parents' wedding present to us was the honeymoon (we are staying in their time-share) and childcare for the week.  It has been an amazing experience!  As a couple we have never vacationed with out the kids, and separately only once or twice.  The resort is beautiful.  It's like a condo and we have our own balcony.  Everything we could ask for in a place to stay.
We have walked around Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, and Yorktown.  I've truly enjoyed seeing these historic places and being able to take my time to look around.  It's been great to sleep in till noon or head back to the resort early just because we want to.  I have to admit though, while enjoying my adult time, whenever I saw something cool I always thought "would the kids like this?"  You see I am truly a Mom at heart.
We are at the end of our vacation.  I am sad and happy at the same time.  The time I've had here to spend just as a couple is over.  Lazy days and late nights have come to an end.  But tomorrow morning I will be home with my children, for some special Mother's day fun.

~Your Earthy Mom

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