September 1, 2010

First Day Jitters

The excitement of school has been in the air for the past couple weeks.  We have gotten everything ready from school/homework supplies to backpacks and lunch boxes.  My kids were so ready to go back that they began counting down the days two and a half weeks before the start of school.  I thought I was ready too.

Turns out that I'm the one with the first day of school jitters.

I couldn't sleep the night before.  I kept running check lists through my head to make sure we really did have everything ready.  It got so late, that I became concerned I wouldn't wake up in the morning. 

Everybody woke up on time or early, including me.  I made a special first day of school breakfast, a tradition we started when my daughter was in first grade.  Of course everything was ready, it's been ready for days and we all followed the morning schedule perfectly.  Kisses, hugs, and reminders about good listening and sitting on the bus nice were given just as the bus pulled up.  Our morning couldn't have been any better.

So why then did I spend parts of the day wondering if they would be ok?

My daughters are in their second year of Middle School.  They have figured out how to survive.  I've watched them grow into young women over the summer.  One of them wants to dress and be like everyone else, so she can feel accepted.  The other wants to be as different as possible, so if she's not accepted "it's ok" because she's different.  I won't even start talking about the subject of boys.  It seems to be all about socializing and their peers.  I just hope they'll do well in school and have fun with their friends.  Why can't Middle School be more like kindergarten everyone mostly likes everyone else, unless you take their toy/crayon/book.

My older son is in his last year of Elementary school.  He's at the top and proud of it.  I just hope he will remember to be nice to his little brother.  He's excited his two best friends are in his class this year.  I hope the boys don't fool around in class too much.  He's ADHD and has been doing amazing lately with paying attention and trying to stay calm.  I hope that his teacher, himself, and I can work together and make this a good school year.

Oh the little guy, my baby, that right there is my problem.  I have to remember he's in first grade now and not a baby anymore.  I feel like I'm a new parent all over again.  He is super excited to be starting first grade, in a new school, with his big brother!  But I just sat at home wondering if he would be ok.  It's a new, bigger school.  He's a quiet guy and doesn't always speak up for himself.  I'm concerned he'll get "lost in the crowd".

This is why I have the First Day Jitters.

Thankfully I also have my fiancee, Glen.  He reminded me the girls are growing up and know how to take care of themselves.  And that we'll always be here for them when a "disaster" strikes.  The older son will watch out for his little brother.  He knows what he needs to do well in school and how to apply it.  The youngest is growing up and not a baby any more.  He will figure out how to speak up and his teacher will be there to help him out.  And before I know it the kids will be home with tales to tell us about their exciting first day of school!

Trish Hanson

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